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If you want to buy Nilevar, unfortunately, youre going to have a tough job on your hands. Nilevar is not a common anabolic steroid, and there arent too many suppliers that carry it. At one time, this was a very popular steroid, and when Searle first brought it to the market in the 195 0s you could find it everywhere you looked. However, over the years its popularity began to decrease rapidly, and the reasons are simple. If you buy Nilevar, youre receiving similar Nandrolone type qualities, but with the added hepatotoxic nature. Those who buy Nilevar have a potent C17-aa steroid on their hands, and for this reason most will opt for non-toxic steroids to fill its role. You can still buy Nilevar if you choose, it may take a little bit of hunting and its a solid steroid, but you will need to do some hard digging.

When to Buy Nilevar:

The best time to buy Nilevar is for off-season mass gaining phases. Carrying decent anabolic properties, this 19-nor compound will add quality muscle tissue to your frame. Further, those who buy Nilevar will find it carries rejuvenation traits similar to Nandrolone, and this will provide joint and healing comfort. While truly beneficial in this regard, the downside is it cant be used for a long period of time due to its hepatotoxic nature, and as a result such traits wont be enjoyed for very long. The same cannot be said of Nandrolone, it can be used for extremely long periods of time safely.

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When it comes to C17-aa steroids during the off-season, they are best served for the purposes of kick starting or breaking through mid-cycle plateaus. And for this purpose, you want strong, fast acting compounds. Nilevar cannot fill such a role, but if a short mass gaining phase is in mind and you want to buy Nilevar this will be one of the best options.

Another good time to buy Nilevar is for the purpose of athletic enhancement. In this case, were using the compound for the muscular endurance it can provide, and once again the rejuvenation qualities. While it cannot be used for long periods of time, athletic use could provide an added edge during a time when an athlete is a little worn down. Such use will help the athlete heal and get through this rough patch, and more importantly ensure he continues to perform at his best.

Legally Buy Nilevar:

If youre going to legally buy Nilevar, youll find this is an extremely difficult process. In the U.S., anabolic steroids are classified as Schedule III controlled substances by way of the Steroid Control Acts of 1990 and 2004. Under this legislation, you must have a prescription in order to legally obtain any anabolic steroid; Nilevar is not an anabolic steroid that is prescribed. There are, however, a few countries around the world that still manufacture a legal Nilevar type product, but you will find it is typically labeled as a veterinarian drug. Australia is the most common place youll find this steroid, and even then its not all that common. As for black market sales, you will not find it all that often, but if you want to buy Nilevar bad enough youll find a few select suppliers who carry it.