Nilevar is an anabolic steroid with a structural similarity to the Nandrolone hormone. Brought to the market by Searle in the 1950ís, this product appeared in an effort to compete with Cibaís wildly popular Dianabol compound. One of the oldest anabolic steroids on the market, Nilevar is a steroid that rose and fell in popularity faster than most any steroid to have ever existed. Carrying numerous therapeutic benefits such as treating muscle wasting diseases, osteoporosis, decubitus ulcers, bone fractures, gastrointestinal disease and burn victims among others, in the 1960ís Searle would pull the steroid from production. Since that time, Nilevar has been rarely available; there are a few areas in the world that still manufacture the Norethandrolone hormone, but normally as a veterinarian steroid.

Nilevar 101:

Nilevar is a 19-nortestosterone (19-nor) oral anabolic steroid carrying an active half-life of approximately 14 hours. Carrying an anabolic rating of 150, Nilevar will display decent anabolic traits; however, they are often limited. This is largely due to this steroidís moderate binding to the androgen receptor. Carrying strong anti-catabolic effects, Nilevar most certainly has the ability to promote muscle mass, and carries strong protein synthesis enhancing effects.

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With strong protein enhancing effects, Nilevar truly begins to shine when its rejuvenation traits are understood. Like the Nandrolone hormone, this steroid has the ability to greatly increase bone mineral content as well as enhance collagen synthesis. The increase in bone mineral content provides a stronger skeletal structure by directly increasing bone strength. As for collagen synthesis, collagen represents the protein of all connective tissue, and plays a critical role on our ligaments and tendons, cartilage and even within the muscle tissue itself. Those who use Nilevar will find these traits provide direct therapeutic relief. These are not masking effects such as those provided by painkillers, but rather true, direct healing.

As an oral steroid, like most oral steroids Nilevar is C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa). All C17-aa medications carry a hepatotoxic nature, and this goes for steroidal and non-steroidal alike. Nilevar is not the most toxic C17-aa steroid on the market; however, itís far from the mildest. For this reason, use must be limited if the liver is to be protected, and protective measures must be taken (see side effects section).

Side Effects of Nilevar:

The primary side effects of Nilevar will include gynecomastia and excess water retention. These effects can be caused by two factors held by this steroid, it aromatizes, although only slightly, and it carries a strong progestin nature. While Nilevar is very similar to Nandrolone by its functional traits, both 19-nor compounds are virtually identical when it comes to side effects barring the hepatotoxic nature.

Due to the estrogen and progesterone related effects of Nilevar, most men will find the use of an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) to be warranted as well as the use of an anti-progesterone such as Bromocriptine. It is highly unlikely gynecomastia will occur if these measures are taken. As for water retention, it should not occur if the individual controls his diet. Remember, if you overeat, and most will be using this steroid during the off-season, youíre going to hold water.

Beyond the estrogen and progesterone related effects, Nilevar must be addressed on the basis of its hepatotoxicity. With use, liver enzyme values will increase, and if the increase is maintained for long periods of time this can lead to liver damage. For this reason, Nilevar should be limited to 6 weeks of use. Some may find 8 weeks to be acceptable, but 6 weeks is a good rule of thumb. Regardless of the total duration of use, itís always a good idea to avoid all over the counter (OTC) medications when possible. Many OTC medications carry hepatotoxic natures, and this will only burden the liver with more stress. Further, it is extremely important excess alcohol be avoided due to its stressful nature on the liver. In fact, most will find avoiding all alcohol to be best as alcohol is as anti-performance as we can get.

Benefits of Nilevar:

As this steroid is no longer used in typical therapeutic treatment plans, the benefits of Nilevar only apply to those in performance enhancing circles. For most men, this will mean using the steroid during off-season mass phases. Itís not going to provide a lot of fast mass like other oral compounds used in the off-season, Anadrol and Dianabol come to mind, but it can provide decent gains. As it can only be used for short periods of time and is not all that fast acting, many men may find the most beneficial period of use to be mid-cycle. Such use will provide a slight bump in anabolic activity spurring growth at a point when it almost always slows down during a cycle. Further, it will provide tremendous therapeutic relief at a point in time in a cycle when the body is more than likely a little beat down.

Performance athletes can also greatly benefit from Nilevar largely due to the therapeutic effects. Many athletes begin to falter as their season goes by; they become beat and worn down, and as a result their performance suffers. Nilevar can be a great solution to this problem; however, itís not always a fit. Athletes who are concerned about weight gain may not want to use this steroid, but it is an option. Make no mistake, itís highly unlikely youíll put on 20lbs of mass in a few weeks, but for some athletes any increase is a bad increase.